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Findhosts.net is the leader in internet business blog. Thus, they provide information about what the business owner is looking for their business. Most of the small business owner has a passion for what they do and drive to build a business around it. Also, they have a limit amount of time and money. In that case, our team conducts thorough research such as trying out products.

Talking to business owners and consulting industry experts. The kind of topic that we research consists of marketing, sales, finance, accounting. As well as human resources. Moreover, we provide the buyer’s guides. Explains “how to” and product reviews fill in the gaps on what the business owners need to know.

We are the one who does the research so that you don’t have to. For over 28 million small business in the United States, we help for 55 percent of all American jobs. We are here to help the business owner to grow and thrive. We are also a small business that is why we understand small businesses too.

Joint venture Albert Wayne and Alfred Fox begin the Findhosts in 2014. During the setting up their own business. Both of them observe a different absence of quality small business content online. Most of our article written by our writers mix up multiple articles a day. They start Findhosts to fill that hole and hired experts with real-world business experience. Our team of editorial consists of more than 20 writers and editors. They are consists of a CPA, two lawyers, a Ph D., a former registered investment advisor. As well as, multiple former small business owners. The head of our editorial team headed by a former managing editor of a well-known digital company. For more than 20 years of experience in media and over a decade leading a digital content team.

Our site only partner with product and service providers that we believe in. Most of the companies, products as well as services feature on our site. In our view, because they are beneficial to our readers.


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