Associate Marketing Ideas for Personal Finance-Bloggers

Everyone can be a blogger. But being a great blogger is the one can bring actual income.

To find a great associate product or services ideas is easy for many bloggers for their slot. A bit different creature personal finance. Usually, your audience of a personal finance site falls into one of three categories.

  • Wealthy readers looking for investing ideas
  • People looking to cut spending and save money
  • People looking to increase their income

The Problem

The greatest burden for anyone who wants to be a personal finance blogger. That your readership is going to savvier than other niches.

They may spot your associate attempts and many readers will not like it. Others may think you are a scammer or you trying to fast track your way to a full-time income through a blogging platform.

Here some suggestion to get you started.

Saving Money

You may find plenty of associate programs out there that designed to save people money on products they already buying. The problem that most of them already oversaturate on frugality blogger site. Maintain an eye for new products and services that your readers will not have to pay for.


Rich people want more money but they usually do not think of it. This will explain why robo advisors have gained in popularity over the years. There are people looking to invest that it takes money to make money.

Being a personal finance blogger, you want to find products and services that better than everything else out there.

Making Money

To get a second job or a raise is the kind of advice that play out in the personal finance world.

Do you have a personal story that ended well for you, this is where you can tell it. And do you have secrets about earning and side-hustles? That’s the way you will have a lot of money. Develop a series of teaching people how to build wealth. And then offer an associate kickback for every person your students bring to the series. In this way, the wealthiest bloggers have found success.

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